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सबसे तेज Government Update!

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BRABU News: Semester system will be implemented in BRA Bihar University in graduation from next session, there will be 6 semester examinations in 3 years course 


The Education Department has asked all the universities of the state to implement CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) along with making arrangements for semesters at the undergraduate level under the National Education Policy from the academic session 2023-24.

CBCS is being implemented in Patna University from the session 2022-23 itself.

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Consensus has been reached on CBCS

A consensus has been reached on CBCS in the meeting of Vice Chancellors and Registrars held in Patna last month.

The Additional Chief Secretary of the department, Deepak Kumar Singh said that the cooperation of Bihar State Higher Education Council can be taken for any kind of cooperation and workshop in this regard.

90 days or 450 hours of study in a semester

There will be at least 90 days or 450 hours of study in a semester, its session will be from July to December and January to June.

That is, there will be at least 90 days of studies in 6 months, apart from this, in the remaining time there will be time for extra-curricular activities as well as examination and results.


Every year students will have to give two exams

After the implementation of semester system in graduation, there will be 6 semester examinations in 3 years course i.e. students will have to take 2 examinations every year.

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Accordingly, the syllabus will also be divided into 6 parts, along with completing the syllabus in 6 months, internal assessment and examination have to be done.

This includes field work, seminars, practical training, assignment report writing etc.

Credit will be given in lieu of marks, it will be 140 in 6 semesters

In CBCS, students will be given credits instead of marks. There will be a total of 140 credits in 6 semesters. To complete the course, at least 120 credits will have to be brought.

In this, along with the core course, the elective course will have to be studied in discipline-specific elective course, project, generic elective course and ability enhancement course. BRABU News

Freedom to choose course option will be uniform

After the implementation of CBCS, the undergraduate level syllabus will be uniform in all the universities of the state.

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Syllabus will be prepared at the state level in collaboration with all the universities.

At the same time, students will also have the freedom to choose a better institute, that is, they will be able to choose different institutes for different parts of the course, their credit will be easily transferred from one institution to another. BRABU News

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