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Morpho Device Registration 2022 | Validity Check | Recharge | Not Whitelisted | Activation Code | One Time Token Good

morpho device registration failed press ok to retry: In this post, you will know how to do morpho device registration and all the problems with solution step-by-step images you will know then watch it carefully and understand

Morpho Device Registration | Validity Check | Recharge | Not Whitelisted | Activation Code | One-Time Token

Often the solution of this problem becomes hundred percent, many friends are upset, a popup comes to them, in which it is written that Morpho device registration failed, press OK to try window or whatever mobile phone, etc., then the option of this option comes.

morpho device registration failed press ok to retry windows 7

There is only one solution, first of all, you have to register by going to the official site of Morpho device to solve it, further information is going to be shared step by step on this, so stay tuned in this post.

Important details

Morpho Device Registration failed | Validity Check | Recharge | Not Whitelisted | Activation Code | One Time Token
Company Name RD Service
Article Name Morpho Device Registration
Post Update 23 November 2022
Type of Device Authentication
Name of device IDEMIA ( MORPHO )
List of problem
  • Morpho Device Registration
  • Validity Check
  • Recharge
  • Not Whitelisted
  • Activation Code
  • One Time Token
Morpho Registration Mode Online
Morpho Device Registration Fee 375+GST
Official Website

morpho device ka serial number kaise pata kare

If you want to know the serial number of the morpho device serial number validation of any of the Morpho devices E1, E2, And E3, then first turn that Morpho device upside down, after that you will see what is white in the back, and what is inside the white color. morpho device serial number not valid You will get to see a lot of details, morpho device serial number find that the option of Asia end will come, which means L is the serial number, as you can understand by looking at the image given below. morpho ka serial number kaise pata kare

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To Register Your Device Please Enter Mandatory One-Time Token

When your RD service becomes their morpho aspire after 1 year is completed then after that you will face a problem with morpho one-time token no  To fix this here first you have to do online registration by visiting the official website of RD Services how to register You will see the entire process of doing it below, so first of all, as you people would have come here, the same Ram image has been shared below in front of you, you can see


your device is not whitelisted in the management server morpho

Not listing means friends that yours which is not listed inside Morpho RD Services, due to which you get to see the problem, then the solution to all these problems is the same you have to register it and recharge it again. morpho device is valid but not a whitelisted problem Only then this problem will be solved, as what is here, we are sharing in front of you through the image you can see below. morpho device ki validity kaise badhaye


morpho device activation code

How will you get the activation code for the Morpho device? First of all, morpho device activation code kaise nikale you will have to register again, after registration, you will have to complete the payment process. code will be given then you will receive the activation card via email after that as soon as the morpho device activation code problem will be asked, if you have to enter that morpho device activation status, then your problem will be automatically solved as what you are seeing is shown here in front of you in the image below.

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If there is any type of problem-related to the Morpho device, then carefully understand the whole process step by step.

If you people have this kind of problem, then its solution will also be solved through the registration process, as you can see in the image here.


Fingerprint Device RD Service Registration Process

So let us tell you this whole process, first of all, note down the serial number written behind your Morpho Device or whatever Fingerprint Device it is!

Step – 1 all you have to go to the official website of RD Services

Step – 2 Click on Register or Renew Option here!

Step – 3 Here you will see the option of Buy RD Service here.

Step – 4 You have to click on it and after that, you will see a screen like this in front of you.

Step – 5 Here select the year for which you are buying your RD Service, select the serial number of your Fingerprint Device, and the model number of the Fingerprint Device!

Step – 6 And click on Add to Cart!

Step – 7 Checkout option will appear in front of you here when you click on checkout

Step – 8 here you will be given the facility to login into the account or create a new account.

Step – 9 only after that your payment will be done, so if you do not already have an account here, then create your new account by clicking on creating a new account!

Step – 10 if you already have an account, then log in by entering your email id and password, after logging into your account

Step – 11 The screen of Billing Address will appear in front of you, here you will have to fill in some of your important information, after that, you will have to click on Continue to Payment Method!

Step – 12 Here you will be shown that you will be asked to select through which payment method you want to make your payment

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Step – 13 So many options will be visible, you can make payment using any one of these options.

Step – 14 After making the payment, you will get the successful payment message.

Step – 15 After that you will see the message on your email and there you will see a Digital Numerical Code of 6 digits, you will enter that code here as Morpho RD Service One Time Token!

Step – 16 And will do OK and after that, you will get the message of RD Service Registration Successful!

Step – 17 Now your Fingerprint Device has been successfully registered under RD (Registered Device)!

Step – 18 If you still have any problem or problems, then you can solve your problem by calling this toll-free number.

RD SERVICE Help Desk Number (Toll-Free) – 1800 419 0328


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Download TLS Registry File Click Here
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Official Website Click Here
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