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सबसे तेज Government Update!

Sahara India Latest News

Sahara India Latest News 2022 Best

Sahara India Latest News By the way, all the people who had invested money in Sahara India Bank, all those people are now tired of protesting on protest but money was not sent to anyone’s bank. Now all the investors of Sahara Bank were getting worried that why the money invested by us was not returned.

Sahara India Latest News

According to this, now the money of investors is being paid with interest in everyone’s bank account. We will tell you all the information related to it through this post, so all the people investing in Sahara India, read this post carefully till the end!

312 investors got Rs 16 lakh back in Sahara India Bank within 48 hours?

Let us tell you further that in different districts of different states of the country, chit funds are continuously protesting against the investment against the company, due to which the investors are getting their money back by taking action on that company. That too

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everyone’s money is being returned with interest. Sahara India Latest News Today Let us tell you that in the last two days an amount of Rs 15 lakh 96 thousand 522 has been sent back to 312 investors of Sahara India. In this, on September 24, September 25, 89 investors got Rs

Sahara India Latest News
Sahara India Latest News

95 lakh 835 under Rajnandgaon tehsil and Rs 4 lakh 81 thousand from 21 72 investors, Rs 57 301 to 17 investors on September 23 and 1 lakh 93 thousand of 33 investors on September 23. like this in the last two days 106 407 The money has been returned. In this way 4 lakh

53 thousand investors have been refunded 105 investors 795 in the last two days, if you have also invested in Sahara India Bank, then it can prove to be great news for you, you check now your money came in the account Yes or No! Sahara India Latest News

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When will the money of investors trapped in Sahara India Bank be returned?

Let us tell you that according to the information received from the sources, the process of payment of investors’ money in Sahara Bank will be done in any case. For this, payment is being done through different stages, according to the notice issued, first of all investors have to

find out where their money has been invested, which cooperative society has invested money in. Sahara India Latest News and more is available! For more information, you can meet any official of Sahara India Bank, according to the information, currently the agent of

Sahara India is not available in many places, although it is not a matter of panic, everyone’s payment return is coming! Sahara India Latest News

In this way, investors’ money will have to be withdrawn?

In the present time, it is being seen that through different phases, the payment of Sahara investors is being done in different states, for this, with the help of the district officer of their nearest neighborhood, the money is less than 1000000. It is seen that

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most of the money is being withdrawn to the big people like doctors, some officers and others, money is being paid to the poor people, not even one has been paid yet. You can get the money paid by meeting your nearest DM District Officer.

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