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Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad 2022

BRABU News: Vice Chancellor of BRA Bihar University Prof. Hanuman Prasad Pandey has come to office for only 4 days in his tenure of 29 months. Doing the work of the university from his residence.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

He contributed on 12 March 2020 in Bihar University. He came to his university office for 3 days after contributing. After this there was a lockdown due to Corona and the university was closed. Haven’t come to office since then.

Questions started arising in Bihar University

Questions are being raised in Bihar University regarding not sitting in the Vice Chancellor’s office. Many student organizations had also protested expressing strong objection to this.

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After this the VC got the puja done in his office and after that entered for a day. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

It is noteworthy that the Raj Bhavan had issued instructions in the year 2018 that VCs will work from office and not from home.

Four VCs in four years, but all kept working from home

Four VCs have come to the university since 2018. Doing all the work from home. In the year 2018 Prof. Amarendra Yadav did most of the work from home.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad
Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

Pro. Rajesh Singh thought it right to work from home. In-charge VC Prof. Raj Kumar did not come to Mandal office. After that Prof. Pandey became the VC.

Many files stuck waiting to be signed

Many files of the university with the VC are stuck waiting to be signed. Recent example is of graduate admissions.

A file has been sent to him for the meeting of the Admission Committee, but it has not come after being signed. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

Due to this the merit list of graduation is not being issued and the admission process is hampered. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

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Came in May but staying at home

Vice Chancellor Prof. Pandey fell ill in February, after which he went to Ayodhya. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

Came to Muzaffarpur in May, but he is living on the upper floor in the residence. He did not attend the meeting.

Registrar – Prof. Ram Krishna Thakur told

The Vice Chancellor has a back problem, which makes it difficult for him to walk and descend the stairs. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

That’s why he is not able to come to the office, but the Vice-Chancellor is doing all the work. All the files are being signed by him.

Student RJD-Chandan Yadav said

The Vice Chancellor has not been sitting in the office for 6 months. This is causing problems to the students. Vice Chancellor Prof. Hanuman Prasad

The students do not meet the leader. If the vice-chancellor does not start the work duly in 4 to 5 days, then the students will agitate.

State co-student chief ABVP Romita Srivastava, said

The job of the VC is to solve the problems of the students, but when he does not even sit in the office, where will we meet him?

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Busta General Secretary Prof. Ramesh Gupta says

The Vice Chancellor should be readily available. Whatever the problems of teachers and students, they should be listened to.

It is the job of the Vice-Chancellor to solve the pending problems. Meeting and communication solve many problems.

University workers federation Raghavendra, state general secretary said

For the all-round development of the university, the Vice-Chancellor should come and sit in the office.

Due to the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, the pending cases of the employees are not being executed in time. This is causing problems to the employees.

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